This Ukraine crisis has very conveniently created a political climate where governments and major industries around the world can argue they are unable to meet their COP26 global targets at the moment.

Business as unusual then. Indeed, let’s ramp up fossil fuel production. A windfall tax on energy companies? Don’t be stupid.

Alright then, perhaps just a little one to keep the public happy; and give them 5p off a litre of fuel, l mean petrol and diesel have gone up more than 25p a litre, with around half of that being tax, so we can easily afford a 5p giveaway and pretend to be generous, while still filling the treasury coffers.

Phew, that was close, I think we’ve got away with it, nobody’s really noticed Rishi.

Well, just in case we’re rumbled let’s ‘out’ a few Tory sleazebags and allow Patel, Dorries and Rees Mogg off the leash to entertain the public and keep the press pre-occupied.

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