The Isle of Wight's MP has again supported the Prime Minister - this time in a confidence vote.

Boris Johnson won last night's ballot over leadership by 211 to 148 votes - cast secretly by Conservative MPs.

Letters challenging his right to run the party were sent to leaders after the Sue Gray Partygate report and scenes over the Queen's Platinum Jubilee weekend, during which Mr Johnson was booed by members of the crowd on national tv.

While the Island's MP did not issue a statement before last night's vote, he has released one this morning (Tuesday).

Isle of Wight County Press: Boris Johnson, visiting East Cowes in 2019.Boris Johnson, visiting East Cowes in 2019.

In it, Bob Seely confirmed he did support the PM and voted for him to continue leading the party.

"I voted that I had confidence in the Prime Minister...although not without some consideration and only after discussion with senior ministers," Mr Seely said.

"It is clear that some foolish errors were made during Partygate. Boris has apologised. I hope now that he can focus on governing.

"I talked again with ministers about why a fair funding package has not yet been forthcoming for the Isle of Wight Council. I have been assured they will look at this again and will do so in the very near future, ahead of the ongoing review of local government finance. I will keep Islanders informed."

A promise of extra funding to reflect our Island status was made in 2019, including by Mr Johnson.

It has been requested from government over successive MPs, over decades, but has yet to materialise.

In November 2020, former Isle of Wight Council Leader Dave Stewart called again for the pledged cash, then valued at over £6m.

The Isle of Wight has seen levelling up cash, along with other parts of the country, however.

Isle of Wight County Press: Pledges were made in 2019 and calls were renewed in 2020.Pledges were made in 2019 and calls were renewed in 2020.

Bob Seely said "I would rather continue to focus on getting the Prime Minister to deliver on this commitment than start afresh with a PM who has not made, or may not offer to make, any such offer.

"Boris needs to regain a sense of purpose. People voted for a Conservative Government. He needs to start delivering it.

"There is lots to do on kick-starting job creation, on getting people into work, on lowering tax, on the cost-of-living crisis, on energy supply and on immigration. On this occasion, I have supported him, but he now needs to ensure that he is 100 percent focused on the job."

In statements issued before last night's vote, Chairman of the Isle of Wight Conservative Association, David Pugh, said his personal opinion was the PM's time as leader should end but he acknowledged most MPs might disagree.

Isle of Wight County Press: David Pugh and Cllr Joe Roberston.David Pugh and Cllr Joe Roberston.

He said: "In such circumstances, with the Prime Minister continuing in office, I expect him to deliver – without further delay – the commitment he made in 2019 that the Isle of Wight would receive a funding settlement which recognises the additional costs associated with delivering public services in an island community."

Isle of Wight Council's Conservative Group leader Cllr Joe Robertson did not give an opinion, instead saying: "We will support that outcome."