Questions on ferry prices, Brexit, and lockdown parties were answered at a packed out hall when BBC Radio 4's Any Questions came to the Isle of Wight. 

It was part of Any Questions' Island hopping month, stopping first on the Island, at Freshwater Memorial Hall.

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The panel consisted of Colin Boswell, founder of the Garlic Farm and chair of the IW branch of the CLA, and MPs Andrew Griffith and Anneliese Dodds. 

Also on the panel was journalist and broadcaster Isabel Oakeshott, who has a home on the Island and was at the notorious "half a sausage" barbecue attended by Island MP Bob Seely during lockdown.

One question centred on the Prime Minister's conduct during public office.

Ms Oakeshott said she didn't agree with the "grotesque" Covid rules, being prevented from hugging at a funeral for example, and the consequences were "devastating".

However, she said that as the Prime Minister wrote the rules, he knew he was breaking them, and she said it was "reprehensible" and he should have resigned.

Isle of Wight County Press: Stage is set at Freshwater. Picture by Christopher Jackson.Stage is set at Freshwater. Picture by Christopher Jackson.

Adam Wales was able to ask a question, and chose to focus on the ferries. He said a ticket that morning for a car and driver from Yarmouth cost £166 and asked if Solent travel should be levelled up.

Colin Boswell answered that the government had totally failed to protect the Island community from 'private equity capitalism' in relation to cross-Solent travel.

Wightlink was able to give a right of reply and said it cancelled fewer than one in 100 sailings.

Nigel Shuter asked what the true impact of Brexit was on current workforce shortages.

Mr Boswell reflected on his industry, farming. He said since the Brexit vote he hadn't had a year when he was short of labour, until this year.

He has a Romanian farm manager but the workforce isn't coming to the Island like they were before.

He said nobody is willing to take up the challenge and "fight the Daily Mail".

Other questions ranged from the royal family, to the menopause. 

Island resident Christopher Jackson was at the event.

He said: "Overall, there was a few heckles, boos and cheers but near enough everyone who attended seem pleased that the questions were listened to and answered as best as the panel could.

"The Memorial Hall was packed and not a spare seat in sight."

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