It may be a very special weekend on the Isle of Wight with the Platinum Jubilee celebrations but Islanders will be delighted to know there are no changes to bin collection.

The Isle of Wight Council has announced that over the long bank holiday weekend there will be:

  • no changes to your waste collection service for Thursday and Friday, June 2 and 3;
  • no change to all waste and recycling collections due the week beginning June 6;
  • no change to Recycling Centres opening hours over the Jubilee weekend.

The council says it is aware of road closures for Jubilee parties, however, these will not affect collection services.

We do ask that residents place their waste or recycling out early by 7am on Thursday and Friday.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, please remember to have fun, be safe and keep celebrations green.

Isle of Wight Council top tips for a green Jubilee weekend

  • Recyclable plates/cups and cutlery: Consider using recyclable cups, paper plates and wooden cutlery that can be reused or recycled easily instead of single use plastic.
  • Bottles and cans: Wash and squash any plastic or cans and put them in your recycling bin. Squashing plastic bottles and cans helps free up space making it easier to collect and recycle more.
  • Cardboard: Make sure any cardboard placed out for collection is collapsed to fit more in your bin. Our recycling centres will also accept larger boxes of cardboard. You can also bundle excess cardboard to one side of your recycling bin or sack.
  • Left over food waste: Use your food caddie to dispose of any leftover burgers, sausages and food waste from your celebrations or visit Love Food Hate Waste’s website for simple recipes to use up your leftovers.
  • Fireworks: Be safe and dispose fireworks safely by fully extinguishing in a bucket of water, leaving them overnight and then take to one of our recycling centres for safe disposal.
  • Disposable barbecues: Like fireworks please, safely submerge the disposable barbecue in water overnight to make sure it has cooled off. Once completely cold, including the ash and embers put this in the general waste bin. Do not put disposable barbecues in recycling bin (even though they are made of foil).