FORMER Saints pro Francis Benali will hold a live and unscripted interview, followed by an audience Q&A, at Medina Theatre in June.

Francis, aka Franny, spoke to the County Press about the Isle of Wight, his ultra-endurance challenges and his upcoming show.

Speaking about his time on the Island, he said: “It’s a beautiful place and somewhere that I really enjoy visiting when I get the chance to come over.

“There is always something to bring you back, and it shows what a lovely place it is.”

Isle of Wight County Press: Francis said he spent time on the Island as a child, visiting local tourist attractions.Francis said he spent time on the Island as a child, visiting local tourist attractions.

Reflecting on Southampton’s Premier League Season, he said: “I’m pretty frustrated, like a lot of people I think, and disappointed, that our run in over the last few months hasn’t been better than what it has.

“At the same time, we must realise what the club has had at its disposal to compete in the Premier League.

“And that’s not making excuses, because I think we can be better, and I’m optimistic about the future!”

We asked Franny how much someone would have to pay him or donate to charity, for him to purchase a season ticket and attend every game at Portsmouth’s Fratton Park next season.

Francis said: “It would have to be a big, big number put it that way.

“I don’t know whether the number would ever be big enough... that would probably upset a few on the Island, I’d say!”

Speaking about overcoming his physical and mental struggles during his ultra-endurance challenges, for which he raised over £1 million for Cancer Research UK, Francis said: “The challenges tested me more beyond anything I had ever experienced. They were ultra-extreme.

“On every challenge, there was a moment that would be the real tipping point to overcome.

“I know looking back on them now that I am a wiser and stronger person.”

Isle of Wight County Press: Francis Benali 'Iron Fran'.Francis Benali 'Iron Fran'.

‘An Evening with Francis Benali’ takes place on June 25, where Franny's daughter, Kenzie, will join him as host.

“It will be a great night and I’m so excited to be coming over before at an event like this.

“There will be lots of things that we will be going through and discussing, nothing is off-limits, and it will be great to support the Wessex Cancer Trust on the Isle of Wight.

“I would encourage anyone to get a ticket, come along and have a fantastic evening.”