A THIEF unwrapped some steak in a shop, and hid the raw meat inside his trousers before making his escape.

The unsavoury action was captured on CCTV and has been watched by Isle of Wight Police.

PC Livvy told followers on the police's Facebook page that she hoped whoever ate it, knew where it had been.

She said: "Currently steaks are one of the most stolen items in the town (Newport) this month. I thought I'd seen it all.... but yesterday I saw CCTV of a shoplifter remove the steaks from the packets and place them minus any packaging down the front of his trousers.

"I'm not sure how I felt about it but it definitely made me feel a bit queasy. I know most people buy steaks from the shops but clearly lots of people are purchasing via other means. 

"So if that's you and you are enjoying that nice juicy steak tonight I hope you cooked it well."

The police officer said there had been a lot of retail crime in the town.

She said: "I have met people who have stolen the odd bit of food and are in crisis and while dealing with them I'm happy to signpost them for help at food banks and additional food services.

"However this week, stolen items include speakers, cables, duvet covers, candles and more candles, sweets, fillet steak, beer and gin."

Police are working with both the Newport Shopwatch and the Hampshire Constabulary Business Crime silver group to drive down retail thefts.

Any Newport business wishing to join the Shopwatch scheme can leave their name on the police's Facebook post.