The apparent 'random' opening times of some pharmacies is frustrating.

It in no way excuses violent or antisocial behaviour in any form. The current situation needs to be addressed to avoid such scenes as reported from Boots in Ventnor last week.

The frustration stems from the notice stating opening times Mon-Sat and then turning up and it is closed.

I too fell foul of this a couple of weeks ago — it was frustrating but I live locally and able to return the following day.

Can the pharmacies coordinate opening times and put the relevant notice on the doors?

Eg: "This store will be closed &" and stick to that, not on a random week-on-week basis

The suggestion of GPs reviewing the issuing times of some medications from eg: one month to three, would certainly ease the situation but with their current workload may not be welcomed as another task on the list.

So initially can the pharmacies involved coordinate their opening times, people can cope with it, they know what is going on, frustration arises from assuming one thing and finding that is not the case.

I have always received excellent service from Boots in Shanklin and this situation must be as frustrating for the stores affected as it is for us.

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