DOUBLE yellow lines are planned for one of East Cowes's busiest estates in an effort to combat haphazard parking said to be compromising the safety of pedestrians.

If the orders are introduced they will further restrict parking across 53 areas of the Hawthorn Meadows and along Saunders Way.

The Isle of Wight Council has issued the traffic regulation order (TRO) to deal with highway safety issues, it says.

It has now started a consultation period for any objections to come forward.

A council spokesperson said an assessment of the area identified parking on footways and close to bends and junctions as danger points.

Isle of Wight County Press:

The bad parking also hindered the ability of emergency service vehicles to pass through the development.

The changes are being proposed on parts of:

  • Albert Way
  • Brinton Close
  • Chinchen Close
  • Cromwell Avenue
  • Gustar Grove
  • Haven Close
  • Lambert Lane
  • Naval Terrace
  • Saunders Way
  • St Wilfred Drive

Have a closer look here to see where they will be

Isle of Wight County Press:

It is hoped the restrictions will increase visibility at junctions, there will be easier access down narrow streets and dangerous situations will be avoided.

Around the estate, parking spaces are provided for homes but with many households having more cars than private spaces, on-street parking is usually the only alternative.

The council has recognised increasing parking restrictions within the estate may result in the displacement of vehicle parking but says they are seen to be necessary on the grounds of highway safety.

The spokesperson confirmed the authority has no plans to deal with any displaced parking as a result of the restrictions, considering the private off-street parking available to homeowners.

Isle of Wight County Press: A stretch of Saunders Way where double yellow lines could be placed.A stretch of Saunders Way where double yellow lines could be placed.

The matter will be discussed at the East Cowes Town Council meeting on Thursday, May 19, at 7pm, as a 'matter of urgency', ahead of the final submission for public comments.

Anyone wishing to object to the proposals can send their points to or in writing to Scott Headey, traffic manager, St Christopher House, 42 Daish Way, Newport, PO30 5XJ by noon on Friday, May 20.