AS GAS prices rise for the Isle of Wight Council, so does the cost of cremations for Islanders.

The council's cabinet approved the increase at its meeting last night (Thursday).

A cremation, including the use of the organ and a biodegradable urn, will now cost £55 more, rising from £1,010 to £1,065.

The only charge not to go up, is that of a direct cremation — a basic cremation with no guests or service — which will cost £450, the same price as in 2020/21.

The council says this is to keep the charge at the lowest price possible as it is mindful of the increasing financial pressures people are facing.

Introducing the new fees will make the council £120,000 — £30,000 from charging £55 to use the live streaming video service and £90,000 from the uplift in fees.

The fees will be increased from July 1, or earlier if possible.

The council's cabinet also agreed to review the business model of the bereavement services — exploring all the alternatives open to mourning relatives, including burial at seas.

It will also look at dealing with the rising utility costs, which have seen the council's gas bills quadruple.

Cllr Jarman revealed earlier in the week that the price the council pay for its gas has risen from 3p a unit to 14p and could rise further as the authority is on a commercial levy.

Currently, in the business model, services charges increase annually 5.4 per cent.

The council has frozen the costs of burials.