THREE crewmen suffering severe seasickness were rescued by Cowes RNLI this afternoon.

A Force 6 wind against tide led to Cowes RNLI lifeboat going to the aid today
(Friday) of a 35-foot yacht on which three of the four men aboard were suffering from severe sea-sickness.
A radio call for help came as the skipper sailed from mid-Solent to the relative shelter of Osborne Bay, after failing to start his engine.

The lifeboat launched at 3.50 pm, and on arrival at the scene a lifeboat crew member went aboard and gave out seasick tablets.

Then the yacht was towed to Trinity Landing where coastguards were waiting to give the sick crewmen further attention.

Also arriving at Trinity Landing was a yacht which had been dismasted in the wind-swept western Solent and towed to safety by Yarmouth lifeboat.

It was the first time that Jason Hughes, a newly appointed deputy launch officer at Cowes, has given the required go-ahead for a launching.