A SOUTHERN Vectis bus pass saved the day in New York for an Isle of Wight woman.

Shirley Hill, of Cowes, was away for a long weekend and needed another Covid test for an important function she was attending.

She discovered that free testing was available by the kerbside in the city, so she dropped her bags at the hotel and set off to find one.

She quickly found one very close to her hotel, near Times Square, but didn't realise she needed photo ID — and had left her passport in the hotel.

Shirley said: "The only document I was carrying was my Isle of Wight Southern Vectis bus pass and this was accepted after a very short scrutiny by the lady dealing with the testing.

"I didn’t realise my bus pass could be so useful!"

Shirley had gone to New York for the Broadway red carpet opening of Paradise Square, because her daughter-in-law’s father is one of the co-producers. The musical has been nominated for ten Tony awards.

The Covid test needed, was for the after party.

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