I needed to drive to Yarmouth-Freshwater-Yarmouth-Cowes on Sunday.

I have to say I was very concerned for the safety of the cyclists taking part in the Isle of Wight Randonnee.

I understand from my husband that there were a lot of complaints on Facebook from motorists.

On the contrary, I was horrified at the lack of patience and common sense on the part of many motorists.

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Many drivers were impatient and overtaking trying to weave in and out of the cyclists, and overtaking near bends in totally unsafe manner, both for the cyclists and vehicles coming in the opposite direction.

I thought it was scary, and quite frankly "an accident waiting to happen”.

A lot of motorists didn’t seem to be aware that the Randonnee was taking place.

I’m sure it was advertised but perhaps it needed some more signs along the route warning motorists — and also asking them to be patient and "be safe" — perhaps also having posters on the ferries warning drivers with the same message

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The Island is beautiful, and deserves to be shared among all people, but if all drivers/bikers/cyclists/pedestrians don’t show courtesy to each other it will be very sad if it results in death or injury.

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