The nation's favourite budget-friendly supermarkets has recently released a new range of designer-inspired perfumes and we got the chance to test them out. 

It's a well-known fact that to smell luxurious you have to be willing to splash the cash to afford the best of the best perfumes.  

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But now you can smell and feel like a million bucks without breaking the bank thanks to the supermarket's new collection. 

The launch of Lacura Lady Pour Femme and Lacura Atom were both inspired by some of the biggest and most popular designer scents on the market and they're worth a buy. 

But before you rush to buy find out what we thought about the new products to see if you think they'll fit your personality. 

Isle of Wight County Press: Lacura Lady Pour Femme and Lacura Atom. (Emilia Kettle)Lacura Lady Pour Femme and Lacura Atom. (Emilia Kettle)

Lacura Lady Pour Femme:

The first of the two is Lacura's Lady Pour Femme (£5.99) inspired by the very popular and well-loved Carolina Herrera Good Girl (£98). 

From the first moment, you open the box you forgot how cheap it really is, thanks to its sturdy yet glamour packaging. 

Taking design notes from its inspiration, the Lacura bottle is a stylish tall pyramid shape with a dark navy blue colour and a rose gold cap to finish it off, making it the perfect addition to any vanity. 

Isle of Wight County Press: Lacura Lady Pour Femme . (Emilia Kettle)Lacura Lady Pour Femme . (Emilia Kettle)

In terms of scent, it is very similar to Good Girl, with dark notes of sandalwood and tonka beans which complement the undertones of orange blossom and Bulgarian rose. 

The bold and vibrant perfume is the perfect scent for any powerful, strong-minded persona. 

Plus it's not too overpowering thanks to the orange blossom undertones so there's no need to worry about wearing to much. 

You can get Lacura's Lady Pour Femme for £5.99 via the Aldi website or in-store. 

Lacura Atom:

Also new to Aldi's designer-inspired perfumes is Lacura Atom (£5.99) which takes inspiration from Escentric Molecules (£72).

Presented in a slick black box with metallic silver and dark blue circles to subtly note the Atom inspiration it reminds you of the bargain at hand. 

The bottle's design is simple with a heavy clear rounded glass appearance that doesn't distract you from the perfume itself.

One thing to note is that if you're looking to have a new striking perfume design to add to your vanity the Atom might not work for you due to its simplest design. 

Isle of Wight County Press: Lacura Atom. (Emilia Kettle)Lacura Atom. (Emilia Kettle)

But in terms of scent, it encourages a mysterious hint with its unique velvet and amber aroma that is designed to strengthen over time. 

The fragrance is best described as not overpowering and captures the feeling and scent of riches with its fruity and slightly flower-like smell. 

It would make the perfect gift to the caring figure in your life or for the person that takes extra care for who they look and leans toward the luxuries of life. 

You can buy Lacura Atom for £5.99 now online or in stores in Aldi.