A CRASH between a car and a bin lorry sparked an emergency callout this morning (Thursday).

At 11.47am, police were called to the scene on Merstone Lane.

They had received reports of a collision involving a BMW and a lorry.

No injuries have been reported and traffic is flowing.

Following the collision between the vehicle and a stationary waste truck near Merstone today, the Isle of Wight Council has issued a call to drivers to take extra care around all service vehicles, especially when overtaking.

Natasha Dix, the council's waste and environment manager, had a hard-hitting message for Island motorists.

She said: "Overtaking a waste truck in the wrong place could cost a life - your own life, the life of a pedestrian, or one of our workers.  

"I realise it can be frustrating to wait for the vehicle to move on, but it isn't worth the risk. 

"I am so grateful that nobody was seriously hurt in the incident today, but this is the fourth accident like this we have seen since November, where somebody has tried to overtake a bin truck.

"So if you see one of our vehicles ahead - on either side of the road - please, just slow down, be patient, and take extra care.  

"It could save your life."