A DRUNKEN Newport man punched and cut the eye of his brother after deliberately tripping over his sister who had a hip condition, an Isle of Wight court was told.

Shane Ely, 32, of Alvington Manor View, said he drank because he was devastated by the news he would not see his infant daughter that Christmas, when he appeared at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court. 

Ely admitted assaulting his brother, Jason Ely, and sister, Chloe Woodmore, by beating on December 23 last year.

He also pleaded guity to causing criminal damage to a worktop and fridge belonging to his brother on the same date.

At around 8.30pm, Ely returned to his brother's address in Hookes Way, Newport — where he was staying temporarily — in a drunken state.

Ely's brother challenged him not just about his drinking, but also the possibility he may have been under the influence of drugs, as his behaviour appeared erratic, said Liz Miller, prosecuting.

"This sent him into a rage and he punched a fridge, causing damage. After two or three punches, he fell to the floor in pain with his hand, but continued to be aggressive and abusive, until he passed out on an armchair," said Miss Miller.

"A couple of hours later, he woke up and deliberately tripped his sister over, which caused her pain and discomfort. She has a hip condition.

"He then turned his aggression towards his brother — punching him several times, resulting in a cut to his eye."

The police were called to the address and Ely was arrested.

Ely was convicted of inflicting grievous bodily harm in 2015, with his most recent offence in 2020 for drugs.

For Ely, Oscar Vincent said his client had been looking forward to seeing his daughter over Christmas, but was told at the last minute he would not be seeing her due to issues affecting her mother.

Ely, although not disputing the facts of that, got upset about the last minute cancellation, the bench was told.

Mr Vincent said: "He has a history of diagnosed depression and he relapsed into a depressive episode as a result of the news he received. He drank on the day in question, which escalated."

Mr Vincent said his client was making efforts to 'clear the air' with his siblings, having already done so with his family, over the incident.

Magistrates ordered a report on Ely, not indicating what type of sentence he may receive — bailing him to reappear at the same venue for sentencing on May 6.