A new video has been released by the Isle of Wight band Wet Leg, days before their first album.

The duo are due to publish their self-titled debut Wet Leg on Friday, April 8.

Today (Tuesday), Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers dropped a new track UR Mum, along with its Isle of Wight-set tongue in cheek video.

Watch it here and scroll down for a look behind the scenes...

It is directed by rapper and designer Lava La Rue, who said on Instagram: "For the past couple of months, I've been working on this Brit teen-comedy style music video for my good pals Wet Leg who, after many pints, invited me to their home.

"I ended up spending Xmas on the IOW with these hilarious lil rockstars only to realise every day I spent with them felt like a never ending episode of Napoleon Dynamite, if it was set in a rural British Isle.

"Thus, the idea of the UR MUM visual world was born."

Lava also revealed the pair had adopted a llama, also called Wet Leg.

In recent months, Wet Leg have performed on US TV three times, including on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, and racked up 40 million global streams and 9 million YouTube views.

This week, they made it to James Cordon's The Late Late show.

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It is not the first time there's been an Isle of Wight link to James Cordon's Late Late Show. 

In 2017, Ventnor's Rollo Little, then ten, was lucky enough to film with Cordon in Harrods for a day. He featured in the County Press at the time.

Watch him below (boy in the blue T-shirt, watching Cordon in the toy department).