If you are in a position to take on a new pet, rescuing one from a shelter is always worth considering.

There’s no shortage of animals in need of a forever home who might just make the ideal addition to your family.

From a tiny terrier to a great big Japanese Akita, there are a variety of four-legged friends being cared for by the RSPCA Isle of Wight branch right now.

Here are three dogs looking for that someone special to give them the love they deserve and there are even more on the RSPCA website.

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Isle of Wight County Press:

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Age: Approximately 8 years

This little Yorkie is looking for a home with someone who can give him lots of attention as he likes affection.

He would benefit from a quiet household with someone who is around all day.

Peanut is a sociable and playful boy with other dogs so would enjoy going for walks with a dog companion. 

He will need some positive encouragement to walk well on a lead and his new family would need to be patient while showing Peanut walks outside can be fun.

For more information about Peanut, visit the RSPCA website.


Isle of Wight County Press:

Breed: Chihuahua

Age: Approximately 2 years

This little fella is anxious towards new people so is looking for a home with someone who will give him the time and patience he needs, when being introduced to a new person.

Also, for this reason, the centre staff are advising no children in the home either.

Tony would need a quiet household with someone who is around most of the day, as he enjoys human interaction.

He is nervous towards other dogs and will need help building his confidence around them at his own pace.

Tony is an active boy and once he gets to know you, he loves fuss and attention.

For more information about Tony, visit the RSPCA website.


Isle of Wight County Press:

Breed: Japanese Akita

Age: Approximately 6 years

This cheeky chappie is a typical Akita - he is very inquisitive and will stop to watching what you're doing, for as long as he thinks fit!

He loves a good game of tuggy and if you stop, he nudges your hand with the toy asking for another game.

He is good with other dogs and has great communication skills, so could possibly live with a friendly well-mannered female dog pending successful introductions.

Although Ace enjoys fuss from his human friends, he does take a little while to get know new people so anyone thinking of adopting him will need to be able to visit the centre regularly to build a bond.

Ace is looking for an adult-only home where there is experience with large breeds.

For more information about Ace, visit the RSPCA website.