The 21st-century dressing table Beautifect is set to revolutionise your daily routine.

Developed by Dr Tara Lalvani, the luxury make-up box blends together technology and beauty in one neat package. 

The case, which is now available in Harrods, comes with countless unique features and has been described by the brand as "the modern way to apply makeup everyday, anytime, anywhere: at home, in the office, or on-the-go with total freedom and complete control."

Here are all the features of this innovative beauty box and how you can get your hands on one.

Isle of Wight County Press: Beautifect Make Up Box. Credit: BeautifectBeautifect Make Up Box. Credit: Beautifect

How to buy a Beautifect Make Up Box

Beautifect has said that "a new era in the way we do makeup" has begun and we're inclined to agree. 

The case has no shortage of unique features including 5 lighting colour modes and 3 brightness settings for all your preening needs.

Bad lighting is the ultimate enemy when it comes to applying any foundation or skincare product but with the box's powerful LEDs, you don't have to worry.

The LEDs simulate daylight quality lighting for stress-free application.


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You'll never go back to your cluttered make-up bag after you have seen the storage in this case. 

The box comes with dedicated compartments and flaps to help you separate all your pencils and brushes because there is nothing worse than losing an eyeliner when you're rushing to get out the door!

The Beautifect box comes in a classic nude and a striking white colour and both models feature a mirror that is completely distortion free.

Not to mention, there are 5 magnification mirrors that you can attach to the main mirror too.

You can adjust the box's magic hinge which will keep the box in the position that you prefer.

It is also rechargeable and cordless with a single charge via USB-C that lasts up to 1 month. 

Isle of Wight County Press: Beautifect Make Up Box. Credit: BeautifectBeautifect Make Up Box. Credit: Beautifect

The fantastic Beautifect make up box can be yours for £279 or for four fortnightly interest-free payments of £69.75.

It is said to revolutionise our daily beauty routines but if you are looking to make a smaller change today, the brand has a whole range of products to browse too. 

Its Complete Brush Collection which includes eight pro-level brushes can be purchased for £79.00

You can also pick up the brushes in separate collections with its face brush collection costing £45 and you can get its eye brush collection for £35.