A CHARITY with ten years' experience in transporting aid to Eastern Europe has been at the heart of the Isle of Wight effort for Ukraine.

MAD-Aid today sent off another truck full of donations from the Isle of Wight community help for Ukraine Facebook group.

It is appealing for financial support to help fund each shipment, which costs £3,500.

Donations of goods are also very welcome and can be dropped off at various points across the Island, including the County Press office in Newport.

Scroll down for video from this morning, by CP reporter Lucy Morgan

The East Cowes-based charity, MAD-Aid, sends medical aid into Moldova, and is supporting the Facebook group by transporting donated aid directly to Ukraine.

The first trucks left the Island last Friday morning, and a second truck left over the weekend.

Today, another left, and tomorrow (Friday), another will be loaded and sent.

MAD-Aid thanked the volunteers from the Isle of Wight College who formed a human chain to load the truck this morning.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Above photo by volunteer Mark Young

Current priorities for donations include tents, inflatable mattresses, and folding beds, thermal/warm clothing specifically, NEW children’s and baby clothes (used children’s clothes are not permitted due to customs restrictions), dried and tinned foods, and sanitary products.

Click here to see how and where to donate items.

You can donate money via MAD-Aid’s website mad-aid.org.uk/donate.