The Isle of Wight's MP was among those in parliament today (Tuesday), to listen to the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Bob Seely is a former resident of the regime and has spoken passionately about the crisis in the country after Russia's invasion.

Mr Zelensky's address was met with sustained applause. 

In his speech to the House of Commons, Mr Zelensky repeated his call for a no-fly zone and asked the UK to “make sure that our Ukrainian skies are safe”.

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What did Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely say about the Ukraine President's speech?

Mr Seely said: "Zelensky’s address to the UK Parliament was a remarkable and rare moment in our political life and justified given the determination and resilience of Ukrainians.

He spoke Ukrainian, not his first language of Russian. He called Russians ‘occupants’ and deplored terror brought by their bombs: on schools, even on the monument at Babi Yar, where thousands of Jews were murdered (Zelensky is a Russian-speaking Jew). ‘Terror against all’.

His words were designed to echo Churchill’s WWII words, fighting in the forests, fields and beaches. He quoted Shakespeare. For Ukraine, this is a war of survival.

However, it is vital for Ukraine & the wider world that we think clearly and rationally. The West should keep the pressure on the Kremlin. Military help should continue, economic sanctions increased and Putin’s military starved of funds.

Putin’s speech was clear. Although this is about Ukraine, much of his enmity is aimed at the West. We must not make it easy for him to engineer a direct confrontation and widen the conflict to Moldova and to agitate in the Baltic republics.

The aggressor is the Kremlin, the victim Ukraine. Ukraine will win. Ukraine will never again live under the Kremlin’s control. Ukraine’s democracy will act as a model for Russia. However, for all this to materialise, Putin needs an exit.

A NATO no-fly zone escalates the crisis, as does loaning Polish MiGs. What is military justification? Denying air dominance can be partially done thru Anti-Air and may even be more robust. MiGs need air and ground crew, missile, runways and ground control.

It is for Ukraine to decide on what is a viable end of hostilities. But a 90 per cent peace that gets Russian troops out is better than a 100 percent peace that doesn’t. This war, as awful as it is, could yet get wider and worse (chemical and nuclear).

After this war, Ukraine must a) be armed properly so never again will Russia try to invade and b) Kyiv must continue to reform its state so that it builds the just state that its people are now fighting for.

But let’s keep talking to Moscow; to remind them that talk of nuclear weapons use is unacceptable, that Russia is under no military threat, that whilst it has concerns, this is not the way to solve its problems. We also need to prepare (eventually) for a post-Putin world.

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Earlier, Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng announced the UK will phase out the import of Russian oil and oil products by the end of 2022.

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Meanwhile, aid for Ukraine's refugees continues to pour in on the Island.

A lorry left for Moldova on Thursday and donations will be taken across the border or given to refugees who have fled the war-torn country.