Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely spoke in Ukrainian, directly to the war-torn country's ambassador, who was in the public gallery in Parliament, for Prime Minister’s Questions this morning (Wednesday).

Addressing the gallery, Mr Seely thanked the ambassador, before translating what he had said for fellow MPs.

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He was also told law firms representing Russian oligarchs will “face sanctions” if they fail to comply with the sanctions regime.

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What did the Isle of Wight MP ask Prime Minister Boris Johnson about Ukraine?

Mr Seely asked Boris Johnson about measures being taken against Russia, following its invasion of Ukraine last week.

He said: "Key oligarchs enforce the Kremlin’s hybrid conflict.

"In Britain one of its aims is to ensure safe passage for money flows offshore whilst law firms intimidate into silence those who would investigate, be it the media or even the National Crime Agency.

"Does the Prime Minister understand this is how state corruption happens and this is systemic, planned subversion? Does he realise the seriousness of what has been happening with the law firms and the finance companies in recent years?"

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The Prime Minister replied: "The law firms in this country are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. They were reminded on February 23 the need to comply with sanctions regulations and legislation.

"There are regular checks to ensure they are doing so. They have responsibilities under that regime to safeguard the UK and to protect the reputation of the United Kingdom legal services industry. Cleary they will face sanctions if they fail to do so."