Islanders will make up the majority of more than two hundred people, heading up from the south coast to London, to perform in the Queen's Jubilee Pageant this summer.

Around 120 Isle of Wight performers will wear extravagant animal-themed costumes and will parade to the sounds of Ventnor Comic Jazz Band, on June 5.

Promising a riot of colour, the Island contingent is led by Ryde-based Shademakers.

Movement director Joe Plumb said their theme is about Britishness, creativity and humour.

Isle of Wight County Press: The head of the hare, designed by Paul McLaren.The head of the hare, designed by Paul McLaren.

"We have a menagerie of different animals, from mythical beasts to farmyard animals," Joe told the County Press.

"A lot of them are the Queen's Beasts, which are heraldic animals, used in symbols and flags.

"There are English lions and twenty Scottish unicorns - found on the front of our passports - the dragon of Wales and the snake of Northern Ireland.

The unicorns are going to be decorated in different colours, representing different things.

"It's a massive once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

Isle of Wight County Press: The Queen looks out from Shademakers' HQ in Ryde.

The Queen looks out from Shademakers' HQ in Ryde, the former Elizabeth Pack store.

Isle of Wight County Press: Shademakers is based at the former Elizabeth Pack store in Ryde.

Shademakers is the only arts organisation on the south coast to be included and it will travel up with its special guests - bands from Scotland and Gosport.

Joe said: "We're honoured to be selected to represent the Isle of Wight at this huge event, with a massive global audience."

They will head to the capital in coaches, packed out with their elaborate and intricate costumes, designed by skilled in-house designer Paul McLaren.

Lily George, Movement Director said: "The costumes have to be portable, so they come apart in sections to make that easier.

"It is so exciting. It's an absolute honour to be asked to do this."

The team is hoping the audience, and of course the Queen herself, will enjoy the humour and passion for the arts in their part of the parade.