The row over golly figures allegedly seen in the house of Isle of Wight Council leader Councillor Lora Peacey-Wilcox refuses to go away.

Last week, the County Press broke the story that Cllr Peacey-Wilcox was denying she had gollies in her house now.

Yesterday, council chairman Cllr Geoff Brodie sent a letter to 29 members revealing an exchange of emails from November.

These appear to show he had drafted a resignation letter for her besed on what appears to be her admitting she had the figures and they had been given to her by a relative.

The draft letter he wrote said "Tonight I announced my decision to resign as leader of the IW Council.

Isle of Wight County Press: The Facebook post showing the golly figures.The Facebook post showing the golly figures.

"After I posted a photo from my home on my personal Facebook page recently, someone has magnified the photo and identified what could be seen as offensive images on a wall of my home. They have then passed these on to the media. 

"These images are of something that was passed onto me many years ago by an older family member, at a time when the images were not recognised as offensive.

"I recognise that they are offensive in contemporary times and that a council leader should not be displaying them in a manner where others can see them.

"I have enjoyed the six months that I have been leader of the IW Council. 

"The role was not one I ever sought. I offer my best wishes to the new leader.

"Finally I offer my sincere apologies to everyone who is offended by the images."

According to the e-mail string, she replied: "A million thanks!

In his letter yesterday to fellow members, Cllr Brodie wrote: "I sent(this) to the Leader on November 14 as I tried to help her out of the then emerging 'gollies' issue with some dignity.

"As you can see she thanked me for it. Though obviously she did not use it and managed to suppress any press coverage, until now. 

"This draft is something contemporaneous from when I first learnt of her situation.

"I am sure any reasonable person will wonder why I would write such a draft if the leader did not have these offensive toys in her home on 5 November - the date of her original Facebook post.

"Something she has entirely failed to admit to.

"Or why she would thank me for the draft if the 'gollies' didn't exist.

"Or in the subsequent three months why nothing was published in the subsequent three months if I was so determined to expose her.

"Last Wednesday and Thursday I was approached by the media to comment on the pictures they had been sent as they understood that I had had some involvement. I commented truthfully. 

"It remains my view that the leader should resign now that these racially offensive possessions have been revealed to the Island.

"There is no excuse for them be published on social media, no matter how accidental. Particularly be the pre-eminent IW councillor."

The County Press has made repeated attempts to contact Cllr Peacey-Wilcox but she would only say she would not comment as it was now a police matter.

Hampshire Constabulary would not confirm whether they were investigating reported issues of blackmail and harassment over the issue.

Cllr Joe Robertson, leader of the Conservative group on the Isle of Wight Council, told the CP: "The Leader should resign.

"She shared racially offensive images on her Facebook page and has offered no explanation or apology.

"She has still not denied that the offensive figures were in her home in November and it is apparent from e-mail correspondence that she was considering resigning at that time."