THE ISLE of Wight Council has put its foot down and is demanding the owners of the derelict and dilapidated Ocean Hotel on Sandown seafront tidy up.

A formal notice has officially been served to Phoenix Commercial Property Development, the latest owners of the building, and will take effect from March 11, if they do not lodge an appeal.

The almost 200-year old building has become one of the biggest eyesores on the Island after standing empty for many years and has become the target of vandalism and arson attacks.

In May last year, around 100 firefighters, including crews from the mainland, tackled a blaze that affected all four floors and worsened the hotel's condition.

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Isle of Wight County Press:

Now, following multiple calls from the community, the Isle of Wight Council is taking the first step in forcing the owners to do something with the building.

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A council spokesperson said the owners will have four months, from March 11, to carry out the work and officers will assess the site once that time has expired.

They said: "The council considers the current appearance of the building, and its grounds, significantly harm a key area of Sandown and provided the works are carried out, this will result in an important improvement to the High Street and seafront.”

Isle of Wight County Press:

The notice, which has been sent to six addresses across the country, lays out 13 actions that have to be completed by May 11. They include:

  • Removing the steel supports from the former entrance canopy fronting the Esplanade
  • Cutting all vegetation down to ground level, removing the waste and applying a suitable weed killer
  • Removing all building materials, litter and vegetation across the site and on the access steps and boundary walls
  • Cutting back hedgerow
  • Removing trailing ivy
  • Repairing boundary fencing next to the High Street
  • Cleaning all windows and door glass panes fronting the High Street
  • Cleaning the door and window canopies serving the main entrance to the hotel and first-floor windows of the Kings Bar so they are free of mould and dirt

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Two further steps have to be completed by July 11 and need to see the rendered elevation fronting the High Street cleaned. Following that, any flaking paint or defective masonry / render from the elevation be removed.

Isle of Wight County Press:

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The landowners can appeal the notice to the Magistrates' Court if they feel the requirements of the notice are excessive or the condition of the land does not adversely affect the area.

They will have to do so, however, before the notice takes effect in March.

Failure to comply with the notice could see the council prosecuting the owners and/or the council carrying out the work and then recover the costs from the owner.

Pictures courtesy of the Isle of Wight Council.