A MOTION that could have changed the future of the controversial 473-house West Acre Park was withdrawn yesterday (Tuesday) after the farming family agreed to leave their home.

The major development was approved in July and would see houses built on the Hollidays livelihood, Westridge Farm.

In a statement released on Monday, the family, who had farmed the site for 55 years, and had been campaigning to save their home, said they had no fight left.

They have agreed to leave their farm by October 31, if the final permission has been issued.

They said: "We are truly sorry we cannot go on fighting, but we can only take so much ... we are broken and have simply had enough."

A motion had been proposed, by Cllr Claire Critchison, last night that could have seen the Isle of Wight planning committee revisit the application, after concerns were raised by residents over the July meeting.

Isle of Wight County Press: Three generations of the Holliday family.Three generations of the Holliday family.

Following the Hollidays' statement, however, Cllr Critchison withdrew her motion and said she did not, in good conscience, feel it was the right time to bring it forward.

She said: "I am very aware of the Hollidays' welfare, it has been key to what this has been about ... I need to speak to them and those involved first as it affects their lives."

Reacting to the Hollidays' decision, ward councillor, Cllr Michael Lilley said he was devastated but understood and respected it.

Isle of Wight County Press: One version of the scheme. Picture from Captiva Homes.One version of the scheme. Picture from Captiva Homes.

He said: "They are an incredibly courageous and hard-working family who are, and always will be, in the hearts of Elmfield residents, including my own.

"The July planning meeting was so wrong in so many ways and I know the Hollidays were devastated at the way they were treated and the result to approve the application.

"The community regrouped and raised the funds to take the application to a judicial review and still have an incredibly strong case. This was, and is, real people power.

"There needs to be a huge building of bridges between Captiva and residents as we need to learn some real lessons.

"Thank you, Hollidays, for teaching me, and all of us, what integrity, humanity and resilience is really about. I wish them happiness in the future."

You can read Cllr Lilley's full statement on his website: michaellilley.uk