A MAN has denied being the person who kidnapped an elderly couple from their remote country cottage, burgled another man's home and smashed entry into Mountbatten's warehouse to steal from inside.

Kazm Saed, 26, of no fixed address, is on trial at the Isle of Wight Crown Court this week.

He says he is not the man wanted on the seven-count indictment, which includes kidnap, burglary, robbery and possession of a knife.

Mr Saed's police interviews have been watched by the jury today (Thursday), and Mr Saed gave evidence in front of the jury.

His barrister, Russell Pyne, said "he must have said 100 times" that he didn't commit the offences.

The Crown Prosecution Service say it was Mr Saed who burgled the charity warehouse on Riverway, then went on to commit an aggravated burglary at the home of 84-year-old Graham Deacon, also at Riverway, the next day, while in possession of a bladed article.

Mr Deacon came face-to-face with a knife-wielding intruder when he went into his bedroom.

The burglar stole his bank card, took away his phone and cut the light cord with his knife, leaving Mr Deacon in darkness.

Mr Saed, who has an Iraqi interpreter with him in court, later told police he had never been to Mr Deacon's house and said: "I wouldn't steal anything or do anything like that."

His fingerprints were found on the external window frame, which Mr Saed had no explanation for, but he suggested: "Maybe it was someone similar to me".

When the police asked what his thoughts were about the ordeal Mr Deacon went through, Mr Saed said: "Whoever did that, whatever religion that person is, it's not acceptable."

The day after the burglary at Mr Deacon's, police found some items on a boat moored outside, including a rucksack, hoodie and two computer monitors.

They spotted Mr Saed nearby, who denied the items were his. Police took him into custody, releasing him a few days later pending further investigation.

Prosecutor, Gary Venturi, said this action allowed the next incident to happen — that Mr Saed went on to burgle and kidnap Graham and Rachel Fuller at their home on Nunnery Lane, Newport.

Mr Venturi said: "You were released by police and thought you had got away with it so you completed another burglary."

Mr Saed was arrested at Costa Coffee in Newport later in the morning, following the incident.

Mr Saed denies aggravated burglary, possession of a knife, kidnapping by unlawfully and by force or fraud taking or carrying away Rachel and Graham Fuller against their will, and robbery.

He said he was asleep at the time at a friend's house in Newport, but in his police interview he couldn't give the name or address of his friend.

He said he had never been to the Fullers' cottage, there would be no reason for his footprints or fingerprints to appear there and he had never been in the couple's car.

Isle of Wight County Press: Graham and Rachel Fuller's cottage on the outskirts of Newport.

Mr Saed's DNA was found on partially eaten bread at the Fullers' cottage. When asked to explain this, Mr Saed said: "Fabricated. Wasn't mine."

The Fullers both picked Mr Saed out of an identity line-up.

Mr Venturi told Mr Saed: "You are lying about everything because that's all you can do."

The trial continues.

UPDATE Friday: Kazm Saed has been found guilty