AN ELDERLY couple were kidnapped from their remote cottage in the middle of the night and forced to drive to a cashpoint, a trial heard today.

Rachel and Graham Fuller were woken at 2.45am by a man brandishing a knife, who demanded cash.

They scrambled together £25 but the burglar wanted more and made them drive to a cashpoint, where they each withdrew £300 and handed it over.

This week at the Isle of Wight Crown Court, Kazm Saed is denying he was the man wanted on the seven-count indictment, which includes kidnap, burglary, robbery and possession of a bladed article.

Saed, of no fixed address, argues he wasn't the person who committed the crimes.

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Isle of Wight County Press: Mountbatten's warehouse after it was broken intoMountbatten's warehouse after it was broken into

The first incident happened on May 28, 2021, when the Mountbatten warehouse on Riverway in Newport was broken into.

The burglar smashed windows, stole two computer monitors, used the toilet and ate cake that had been left out.

The next day, another offence took place.

Graham Deacon, who lives on Riverway, found a man inside his home in the evening.

Mr Deacon hadn't been wearing his hearing aids and hadn't heard his window smash but came face-to-face with the knife-wielding intruder when he moved from his lounge to go to bed.

The intruder demanded money. Mr Deacon handed over some cash, a bank card, and his PIN number.

The intruder told Mr Deacon he had three friends waiting outside. He told Mr Deacon to get into bed and stay under the covers, and took his phone.

The intruder cut the light cord with his knife and left Mr Deacon in darkness.

The next day, police found some items on a boat on Mr Deacon's land, including a rucksack, hoodie and two computer monitors.

They spotted Mr Saed nearby and took him into custody, releasing him a few days later pending further investigation.

Prosecutor, Gary Venturi, said this action allowed the next incidents to happen.

The Crown says Mr Saed then went on to burgle and kidnap Mr and Mrs Fuller in a terrifying ordeal at their home on Nunnery Lane on June 4.

Isle of Wight County Press: Nunnery Lane in Newport.Nunnery Lane in Newport.

Mr Saed was caught at a coffee shop in Newport later that morning, after police examined CCTV footage.

The trial continues.