A certain Isle of Wight postcode has been named one of the coolest places to move to in the UK, according to The Times list 2022.

Categorised as “for the new Sloane Rangers”, the newspaper announced the PO40 postcode – otherwise known as Freshwater – among the trendiest places to be in the country.

The report said: “The glossy-haired population of SW3 are now heading across the Solent — and their ground zero is the beachfront restaurant the Hut.”

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They do include a word of warning regarding tables though, saying they get snapped up fast by including Benedict Cumberbatch and Kate Winslet.

Sharing details on the unique transport arrangements, they continue: “…you can arrive by helicopter, private Rib or aboard one of the Hut Truck’s vintage 4x4s” and suggested a meal of “oysters followed by its surf ’n’ turf” if you are lucky enough to get a table.

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Freshwater attractions

Among attractions, the newspaper recommends taking advantage of the coastal location, saying: “Walk off the methuselah of rosé you drank with a stroll along the pebbled beach of Colwell Bay, stopping to take a picture of the multicoloured beach huts, before watching the sunset in front of Captain’s Cabin beach café.”

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They also teased: “A rival restaurant to the Hut is rumoured to be opening in the 2022 season, which starts in March.”