A NEW group show exhibition has opened at Quay Arts, and will run until March 5, with free entry.

Titled SIX, the show features work by six artists selected from the Quay Arts 2021 OPEN.

SIX blends newly created pieces, works in perpetual progress and items from the makers' pasts that have worked themselves into the present.

Mediums include assemblage, ceramics, print, painting, installation, and film incorporating local clay, found objects, oils, paper, Lego and silver.

SIX includes Jill Wilkinson’s powerful painting Lost in a Lost World, Shaun Martin's Initiating Objects, the anxious and fragmented paintings of Charles Inge, and Lisa Heath’s dramatic Collision sculpture.

There's also dynamic multi-medium assemblages from David Hamilton, and Fran Farrar’s Catching the Light series of abstract etchings.

Exhibition curator Ian Whitmore said: “The selected artists responded magnificently to the opportunity, despite not knowing each other and working within a limited time frame.

"The artists and Quay Arts took risks which have really paid off, producing a strong, high quality and thought-provoking exhibition."

Schools are welcome to arrange a guided talk with Ian, who can be contacted via info@quayarts.org