THE majority of Hampshire residents do not waste food, a study has found.

Appliance brand Haier commissioned a survey to discover which cities are the most wasteful and the reasons why.

It revealed that 67% of people in Hampshire do not waste food on a weekly basis, compared to 33% of people who do.

Out of the people who admitted they waste food, 75% confirmed that one to three items of food were thrown away by the end of the week, compared to the city of Sheffield where 80% of people admitted that one to three items of food were disposed of.

Of those surveyed 81% said that it equated to an average of £10 or less worth of food waste in the average household each week - totalling up to £480 a year.

When looking at the types of food that expire in household in Hampshire, fruit and veg seemed to be the first that would expire, with 50% of people admitting that they threw a lot of it away each week, this was followed by dairy at 25% and lastly meat and poultry at 18%.

A spokesperson for Haier said: "With all this in mind, there are many ways you can prevent food going to waste and keep food fresher for longer. Modern technology has proven to work in harmony with smart kitchen appliances, allowing busy households to prevent food from being thrown away.

"For example, there are now appliances that absorb humidity, allowing fruit and veg to stay fresh and ripe in an optimum environment. There are also devices that offer you inspiration on how to utilise your leftovers, with apps that remind you what is inside your fridge, providing you with recipes, so you can update your shopping list on the go.

"Technology like these fit seamlessly into everyday life and makes a positive impact on the environment by reducing food waste and allowing households to feel better about how their food is stored and maintained."

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