COPPINS Bridge upgrade work will resume today (Monday), as the project seeks to upgrade traffic signals and pedestrian crossings.

As part of the new phase, three pedestrian crossings in the Lower High Street and across Coppins Bridge will be upgraded.

The improvement work will mean that between today and January 28, the Lower High Street between Quay Street and Coppins Bridge will be closed, with the diversion route for HGV vehicles via Lower St James Street, Hunnycross Way, and the dual carriageway.

Island Roads has visited businesses to discuss delivery requirements, and emergency access to Newport Police Station will be unaffected.

Pedestrians will still be able to access Lower High Street.

The project to upgrade signals and crossings at one of the Island’s busiest junctions is part of work under the Highways PFI to improve and maintain the Island highway network.

The work will enable the traffic signals to better adjust their sequencing according to traffic volumes, use less energy, and be more reliable.

The project was paused in December last year during the Christmas and New Year holidays.