MORE detail has been announced about a TV series that will feature the Isle of Wight coast.

The second series of Kate Humble’s Coastal Britain starts on Channel 5 on Friday, January 7, at 8pm.

It comes after she was spotted filming in Yarmouth.

In summer 2020, with the world in the grip of the first Covid wave, Kate Humble embarked on a walking tour of Britain’s coastlines.

And the time she spent filming Kate Humble’s Coastal Britain in the great outdoors reminded her of the country’s natural beauty, as well as bringing back plenty of warm childhood memories.

“The enduring appeal of the coast is enjoying those simple pleasures that we want our children and grandchildren to enjoy,” she said in an interview with the Daily Mirror last February.

“There is something about swimming in a wild place, whether it’s the sea, river or a lake, or a pond, that connects you with your childhood again.”

The second run of the show debuted last week, with Kate walking eight more beautiful and historic stretches of the British coast, along routes that can be done in a day or a weekend.

All her walks follow established National Trails, including two very different coastlines in stunning north Wales, the east and west coasts of Scotland, iconic stretches of Kent and Sussex and a beautiful wintry walk around the south-western tip of the Isle of Wight.

Along the way, Kate meets the people who live and work nearby, while discovering the history, geology and natural history that have shaped some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.



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