There are plans to end an agreement between Newport FC and Ryde Saints, which sees the football clubs sharing Smallbrook Stadium.

In a letter to players, supports and club members, Ryde Saints says ending the deal would mean The Port would have just 30 days to find somewhere else to base itself.

Ryde Saints chair, Jamie Humm, has written to say the groundshare was made on the agreement Newport FC would upgrade Smallbrook's floodlights.

As previously reported by the County Press, in May, the lights were a 'key component' of the deal, Mr Humm wrote.

Mr Humm says an offer of cash has been made instead, in recent months, but claimed it was only a 'fraction' of what the new lights would cost.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Announcing the groundshare deal earlier this year, Sarah Green (Island Speedway), Stewart Sheppard (Newport FC) , Andy Brown (Ryde Saints) and Steve Brougham (Newport FC).

Mr Humm wrote accepting anything other than new floodlights would be a 'betrayal' to Ryde Saints and its supporters.

Currently homeless, Newport FC has permission to build a new ground at the Racecourse Roundabout, near Whippingham.

Its old site, St George's Park in Newport, is going to become out of town shopping, including a drive-through Mcdonalds.

In October, an alternative plan for a to Seaclose Park was dropped, leaving Newport 'disappointed.'

Isle of Wight County Press:

Newport FC's former home.

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At the time, Newport FC chair, developer Tony Wake, pledged to move ahead with the Whippingham plans.

He said: "There are still one or two issues we need to sort out but we hope to begin work on this high-quality sports stadium by the end of the year and have it ready for use by the summer of 2022."

In its letter to fans, Ryde Saints said it had taken into account the money brought by Newport FC to Island Speedway's Smallbrook bar.

It also recognised the commercial importance of the sale of St George's Park.

Mr Humm wrote that he believed some Newport games are due to be played at Beatrice Avenue, the home of East Cowes Vics, although a previously agreed groundshare has ended between The Port and the Vics has ended.

Mr Humm wrote: "As chairman, I recognise we could, and maybe should, have been quicker to move and more robust in our management of Newport." 

The County Press has contacted Newport FC for a comment.