The Isle of Wight NHS Trust's 203rd Covid-linked death since the start of the pandemic has been recorded.

A person died on December 15, after contracting the virus.

In non-hospital settings, 151 people have died on the Island since March 2020.

This week, it was confirmed the Island had recorded its first case of the faster-spreading Omicron variant.

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There have been warnings from Isle of Wight health bosses that the impact of the variant will not be know for a while, but even if it is mild, it will translate into hospital admissions.

In the rolling seven day average for the Isle of Wight, there were 564.3 cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 as of December 11.

The figures are five days behind the current picture and do not reflect the Isle of Wight since Omicron was detected here.

There were 117 new cases confirmed in yesterday's (Thursday) daily update, with new figures due out at about 4pm.