Expect a two per cent council tax rise from May, warns the Isle of Wight Council, as it consults on how it should spend its money next year.

The annual budget consultation has been launched and County Hall wants to hear from us, as it sets its priority spends for 2022/23.

The local authority says it is working on plans to offset what it says it a lack of central funding, but in the meantime it must propose a rise in council tax and 'regrettable' cuts.

Blaming a continued loss of cash and a government requirement to save money, the local authority says the hike - the maximum allowed without extensive consultation - is likely when the budget is set, early in 2022.

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Meanwhile, an online survey has been published and consultation sessions are planned for the New Year.

While around £400 million will be spent on schools, social care, refuse collection, street cleaning, planning, regeneration and road maintenance, £3 million must be saved.

Isle of Wight County Press: Council Leader Cllr Lora Peacey-Wilcox.Council Leader Cllr Lora Peacey-Wilcox.

Council leader, Councillor Lora Peacey-Wilcox, said: "Insufficient government funding levels and increases in demand for care services have forced the council to make continuous savings and cuts in previous years.

"Up to April 2021, [the authority] has had to make cumulative savings of more than £86 million.

"Following those years of insufficient government funding and with inflation currently at 4.2 per cent and rising, we are trying to keep services running and to provide value for money.

"We are trying to keep services running" - Leader of the Isle of Wight Council

"Despite substantial increases in social care costs, the government has also cut the maximum additional council tax we can levy for adult social care services, from three per cent to one per cent."

The Isle of Wight Council says that will cover only 'a fraction of the cost to meet the continued growth in demand for services,' as well as the 6.6 per cent increase in the National Living Wage for essential care workers.

Online survey

  • CLICK HERE to take part in the survey by January 21, 2022.
  • Printed copies will also be available.
  • Budget options will be published in February.

"The Island cannot rely on government." - Cllr Peacey-Wilcox

Councillor Peacey-Wilcox said: "The Alliance administration realises the Island cannot rely on government for any substantial financial assistance that will materially alter our current financing and has, as a result, adopted a new positive strategy focussed on locally driven income generation.

"A range of innovative initiatives are being developed that build on natural assets of our beautiful Island, capitalise on our council land and other resources and fully utilise our professional staff and external partners.

"These will take time to plan and put into practice but work is underway as they represent a real prospect of driving recovery and benefitting all Islanders.

"Your views will be taken into account and will help to inform what we do as we plan to set a legal and lawful budget for 2022/23."