** PLEASE NOTE** the date for works has now been changed to Friday, December 17, to Tuesday, December 21.


A SECTION of Ashey Road in Ryde is to be closed next week for the ongoing safety improvement work at Smallbrook junction.

Island Roads is currently introducing new safety features at a re-aligned Smallbook Junction, which has been highlighted by accident data as requiring safety improvements.

For the past few weeks, utility companies have been redirecting their services so the new layout can be built next year.

One element of this utility work requires the diversion of BT Openreach infrastructure.

This work will require the closure of Ashey Road between Smallbrook Junction and the junction of Upton Road and Swanmore Road.

It will take place from Monday morning, December 13, and Friday, December 17.

The diversion in both directions will be via Upton Road and Carters Road.

Both Smallbrook Lane and Carters Road will be re-opened in both directions to facilitate the diversion.

There will also be three-way traffic lights at Smallbrook Junction.

On completion of the work, Smallbrook Lane and Carters Road will revert to one-way west to east (eastbound) for the ongoing construction works.

The work should still adhere to the original timetable, and should be ready for early April 2022.

There will be a new layout and other safety features including anti-skid surfacing, better lighting and a reduced speed limit.”

Island Roads plans to remove all traffic restrictions over the Christmas holiday between December 24 and January 4 if safe to do so.