THE COVID rolling rate has risen on the Isle of Wight and a further 132 cases have been added to the total cases today alone.

The Island's confirmed cases since the pandemic began is now more than 19,000 — standing at 19,078.

The rolling rate doesn't take today's cases into account as it is always five days behind, but is showing a rise.

Yesterday the rate was 554.5 and today it is 578.4, per 100,000 people.

The Island has a worse rate than the UK, which is currently at 478.9.

Two more deaths in the community from Covid have been reported in recent data.

Teenagers are being urged to get their jabs, due to concerns over a poor take-up.

Also, pregnant women are being urged to get one by the Isle of Wight NHS Trust, who tweeted yesterday that one in five patients most critically ill with Covid are unvaccinated pregnant women.