ANGERED by a man's threat to stab his son, an Isle of Wight businessman took matters into his own hands by using violence, a court was told.

Benjamin Collins admitted assault by beating, in St James's Street, Newport, on November 7.

Collins walked up to the victim, shouted at him not to make any more threats against his son and punched him once to the face, then walked off, said Liz Miller, prosecuting, at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court on Tuesday.

The victim suffered bruising and swelling to his cheek.

Collins, 36, of Whinscott Close, Whitwell, was identified through police enquiries and was arrested — making full admissions.

For Collins, Barry Arnett said his client is a man with a tiling company and was "not someone who goes around punching people willy-nilly for no good reason.

"His son, aged 14 at the time, had, for a period of about nine months, suffered at the hands of that particular gentleman, who used to cruise past him in his car, saying various things to goad him and, on one occasion, he got out and told him he was going to stab him.

"He went home and told his dad what had happened.

"Two months later, Collins's son points him out to his dad in Newport, who went over to him," explained Mr Arnett.

"Very cockily, this young man gave him a lot of lip and he punched him once — it was a jab really — then he walked off.

"I suppose it's your father's instinct, isn't it, to protect your son — particularly when someone says they're going to stab him."

Magistrates fined Collins £450, with £85 costs and a £45 victim surcharge.