The Met Office has now named a storm bringing strong winds to the Isle of Wight this week.

It says Storm Arwen will also mean cold weather for some parts of the north of England and Scotland, from Friday,

On the Island, we are told to expect gusts of 60mph or 70mph, from early Saturday morning, until the early hours of Sunday.

The Met Office wind warning (read it HERE) will apply from just past midnight on Saturday, until 6pm.

It says: "Gusts will widely reach 55 to 65 mph in many coastal areas, with the highest gusts in coastal parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, southwest England and northeast England, where gusts in excess of 65 mph are expected in some areas.

"Winds will start to slowly ease over Scotland and then northern England during the course of the day."

Meanwhile, the Isle of Wight Met Service says it not the strength of the winds, so much as the direction, that will cause potential problems.

As reported earlier by the County Press, Isle of Wight forecasters said:"The majority of our gales come from the west-south.

"Places that are often sheltered may find that they are completely exposed to the full brunt of the gale and this may potentially lead to structural damage in a few areas along with lots of tree debris.

"High ground will see the worst of the winds, although due to the wind direction we are not expecting large waves around the Island's coast.

"The northern coast will be exceptionally choppy and turbulent."

The Isle of Wight Met Service forecast will apply from 2am on Saturday until 4am on Sunday. 

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Elsewhere, there is an amber warning for snow for parts of Scotland and the north of England.