SIR Paul McCartney has lifted the lid on the role Ryde played in the inspiration behind The Beatles classic track, Ticket to Ride.

He confirmed the song came out of a hitchhiking trip with John Lennon to visit his cousin, Betty, who had a pub in the town.

It had long-been believed that this was the case, but it was confirmed at an event in London when he was discussing his latest book, The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present.

Ryde mayor, Michael Lilley, is keen to officially welcome the singer-songwriter to revisit the town at any time.

He said: “It is official, the Beatles hit song Ticket to Ride is, in fact, about Ryde!

"We now have two connections with the Beatles, as Ringo Starr was in the movie That'll be the Day, filmed in Ryde.

"Any time Paul, or indeed, Ringo, would like to visit Ryde then they officially have a standing invitation to come at any time.

"We will even buy their ticket to get here.

"Ryde has a really great music tradition, and with our internationally recognised carnivals and Mardi Gras, we are a place to have a great boogie in.

"So get your Ticket to Ryde. Thank you Sir Paul for your confirmation.”