THERE has been confusion over getting the Covid booster jab on the Isle of Wight.

The Solent NHS Trust had asked people to wait for a letter before booking, so capacity could be focussed on those with highest clinical need first.

However, the government website allows people aged over 50 and in certain categories to book.

The rush to get booked in, has had mixed results, with several County Press readers saying they have been unable to get a booking and only seeing mainland centres, and others finding it easy.

Are there walk-in centres?

The Island has no walk-in centre like some mainland areas, but this could be coming in future. There may be the odd pop-up walk-in clinics. However, people will still need proof they have been invited to have their booster.

Who is eligible?

The advice is still that vaccinations are available for people in cohorts 1-9, where it has been at least six months since their second dose of the vaccination.

How do you book?

The advice is to book via the national booking system website at or by calling 119.

People trying to book online are asked not to take mainland appointment slots, but wait for Island appointments to become available.

People can book a slot at the Riverside Centre by using the National Booking Service website or by calling 119, with new slots being made available regularly. However, some people are reporting they are only being offered mainland options. The website is run nationally, not locally.

Alternatively, you can wait to be contacted by your GP to receive your booster at your surgery.

However, practices are starting with those who received their vaccines first, which is care home residents and the over 90s plus frontline health and social care staff.

To book a vaccine appointment, including for your booster vaccine, or to see where walk-in clinics are available, visit