ALL Together Now, a show produced by MTI, has been performed around the globe without groups having to pay for the rights to the music.

Between November 12 and 15, several hundred groups staged the show as part of a worldwide initiative to get people back into our theatres.

The Island’s own new theatre company Curtain Call Creative was one such group who staged the show, on Sunday.

After the success of their last musical Fame in August, all eyes were on them to see if they could recapture the same energy that wowed audiences in the summer.

As it turns out, energy simply crackled off the stage as these talented young performers weaved their way through the music from several different well-known shows.

Though marred by microphone difficulties, most of the solo performers rose to the challenge and played out bigger, better, and louder to be heard over the orchestra.

The orchestra involved 18 different professional musicians and combined to create a truly impressive sound, nimbly adapting to the various musical genres being performed.

On stage there were some truly astounding performances taking place. Most notable of all was the chorus of the larger numbers.

Every performer gave energy, movement, and an impressive understanding of harmony.

In Curtain Call there are no small parts. Even children under ten had their chance to shine and were genuinely good performers, not just put up for a display of cuteness (though they were that too)!

Some of the older performers are destined to be stars. Not least the incredible Ellie Warne, who consistently sang with ease, confidence, and support for her cast members. One to watch for the future.

Also worthy of attention are Caitlin Mooney and Sienna Hobbs — each relatively new to solo work yet both astounding audiences with their vocal power and control.

The young Enid Rees proved a star in her own right, as even during times when she was in the chorus, her engaging facial expressions and consistent understanding of exactly what move came next made it hard to tear your eyes away from her.

The list of excellent performances and talented performers really does go on, as Curtain Call Creative continues to prove they have something unique to bring to Island theatre.