I'VE been lucky in my life to see some wonderful theatre.

Because my mother was an award-winning writer, even when I was tiny, I went to the theatre all the time — Hamlet, Waiting for Godot, Look back in Anger! Films too.

My mother thought Bambi might frighten me, but because real film acting was important to her, she took me to see Olivier in Richard III instead!

Last week I went to the Apollo Theatre in Newport, to see the award-winning stage play God of Carnage by the French playwright Yazmina Reza.

It is an extraordinary play. The announcement before the performance there would be no intermission felt strange, but once into the story, who would want the play to stop! It can't stop!

Reza's first stage play Art, which shot her to fame, was artists arguing about a blank canvas. And boy, does this writer understand arguments!

In God of Carnage two couples have met up to sort out a fight between their sons.

One kid hit the other with a stick, knocking the other one's tooth out. A simple solution of sincere apology and paying to restore the missing tooth? No! These people begin locking into ever increasing circles of argument and accusation.

The dispute starts them on a dangerous dance, with some brilliant acting, within a really clever set design from the play's director, Steve Reading — a geometric pattern where choreographed movement, and inspired direction, reflect the rising tensions.

Two couples, two doors. A window, and another. Maybe that was a mirror, a reflection of trouble, but four hard-edged rectangular shapes just like the four characters.

As the play builds, it's layer on layer of challenging viewpoints.

Two sofas. Four characters. Sit with the person you agree with! Husbands with wives. Woman with woman. Parental alliance. Husband with wrong woman. Man understanding the other man. Wife's fury at that!

When the thought patterns reverse? Move! Walk round in circles, just like the argument. Just like the feelings. Have a drink.

And the fighting becomes so electric it is enough to make a girl throw up! Will it ever stop? Brilliant theatre!

At the Apollo in December there's The Devil's Mirror, in February Breaking the Code, and Doubt in April.

How lucky we are to have our wonderful theatres on the Isle of Wight and such excellent acting and directing too.