BEMBRIDGE Little Theatre Club surprised the Island by staging a full-scale musical.

Well known for their scaled-back and intimate performances, the group pushed the boat out with their production of Nunsense by Dan Goggin.

The story follows a group of hopeless nuns as they desperately try to raise money to bury their unfortunately deceased sisters.

Despite the macabre-sounding premise, the performance was a wacky romp of an adventure that demonstrated some good comedy and musicality.

The whole cast had good energy and stage presence — something that has come to be expected of Bembridge Little Theatre Club.

The choreography of the numbers, while forgotten at times by some on stage (though we won’t tell if you don’t!) was clear and very effective — made even better by the inventive use of props and costume pieces hidden under the nuns’ habits.

The singing was consistent and made for a jolly rendition of Dan Goggin’s catchy tunes, accompanied by the group’s own small, yet immaculate band.

Particularly noteworthy was Hanna Emily Nixon, providing a great deal of energy and humour to her country music number I Could Have Gone to Nashville, and Bryony Bishop, who delivered a truly astounding performance of So You Want to be a Nun.

Bryony displayed energy, humour, and versatility of voice, singing as both herself and a handheld nun puppet she produced from beneath her costume.

Bryony’s energy was also echoed by Ruth Anderson and Hanna in the peppy number The Drive-In which dazzled audiences with close harmony.

Libby Pike led the cast acting as Mother Superior.

Libby was hilarious in the role, giving a particularly dedicated effort during the scene where she inadvertently got high off the fumes of a mysterious bottle.

This level of comedy was not lacking in the rest of the cast, who all put huge effort into ensuring that the backgrounds of scenes were lively and engaging — something an audience always notices.

Bembridge Little Theatre Club seems to be a uniquely friendly and close-knit group, who show they can perform big pieces as well as small.

Island talent take note, here is a group that could provide your next stage!