A PROUD Newport father has shared the touching story of how his son has started performing magic tricks with a deck of cards left to him by his late grandfather.

Daniel Cooke's nine-year-old son, Freddy, set up a stall at the front gate of his home on St John's Road, and the aspiring magician shared his card tricks with the public.

"Yesterday, Freddy discovered a deck of cards left for him by his grandad who passed away this summer," said Daniel.

"He did research into card tricks and learned some, and decided he wanted to do them for the public to build his confidence, so he set up his stall at our front gate.

"If you're one of the 30 or so people who stopped by over the last three hours, or one of those who gave him pocket money as a well done, or asked for selfies, thank you.

"You have absolutely made his day ­— he is beaming from ear to ear!

"This world is full of lovely people who are kind to strangers, and it happens all day, every day.

"Don't let social media or the news make you think everyone is a selfish or hateful person ­— I've just witnessed so many people prove the exact opposite.

"To keep sharing the love, Freddy's decided he's going to give a portion of the money to the Royal British Legion.

"Thanks for all that let a little boy share his new passion."

Among those to pay Freddy a visit was Jaime Bennett, who said: "I had the absolute honour and privilege of witnessing Freddy's magic tricks whilst walking my dog earlier.

"Honestly, he melted my heart, what a lovely, lovely boy you are, Freddy.

"Keep the magic alive."

Another to enjoy Freddy's magic was Lindsey Barlow, who took a selfie with the boy.

She said: "This boy is a credit to you, his grandad and his whole family.

"Proud as punch to meet your ray of sunshine today."

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