A WHITE-tailed eagle made its way across the English Channel this morning ­— could it be returning home to the Isle of Wight?

After seven months in continental Europe, G463 competed a 36 km crossing at low altitude in 30 minutes, and was seen coming in off the sea near Dover.

Since first crossing the English Channel on April 6, the eagle explored widely through France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.

Today was his fourth attempt at the return flight, after three previous aborted attempts when winds were unfavourable.

After crossing the English Channel this morning, G463 flew north through Kent to the Isle of Sheppey and was present there at midday.

"It is amazing how much the young eagles see in their formative years," said a spokesperson for Forestry England.

"But the urge to return to their natal area remains strong.

"It will now be interesting to see whether G463 returns to the Isle of Wight, or continues to explore elsewhere in southern England."