LOOKING to try something different?

Jaydene Lee Arts is a local dance school, featuring the Island’s first aerial silks classes and aerial yoga.

The dance school’s creator, Jaydene Paddock, started dancing from a young age, aspiring to one day have her own school, where she could teach a range of styles.

Jaydene's eyes were opened to the creativity and freedom of dance during her time at university in Chichester, studying dance and choreography.

Since then, her main aim of a dance school was to provide creativity and allow students to have the freedom to move and be more expressive, all the while bringing something new to the Isle of Wight.

During her time at university, Jaydene joined the aerial society, which is where she found her love for all things circus and aerial silks.

After graduating, she went straight into opening her dance school in November 2019, providing children with contemporary dance classes exploring technique and creativity.

The school had planned its first dance show in 2020, but due to Covid, it was delayed, with the show put back until June 2022.

In 2019, Jaydene completed a dancer intensive aerial course in London to broaden her skills, and from there decided she wanted to bring aerial silks to the Island, which had never been available before.

Jaydene Lee Arts dance school, ariel silks.

Jaydene Lee Arts dance school, ariel silks.

After delays caused by Covid and a lengthy search for a safe venue, in October this year, she was finally able to create the Island’s first aerial silks classes and aerial yoga.

Jaydene said: “I wanted to provide residents with something new to learn that they didn’t have to travel to the mainland to do.

“It was something the Island was missing, and I am so happy to bring it to the Island and provide residents with the new and exciting activity.”

Jaydene has regular classes running in contemporary dance, aerial silks, aerial yoga, home-ed circus, and aerial classes, pre-school aerial and circus classes.

She also provides workshops/fundays during half terms, which explore dance, aerial, and circus, and are a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and have fun.

Jaydene Lee Arts dance school, ariel silks.

Jaydene Lee Arts dance school, ariel silks.

Jaydene also offers private one to ones, group bookings, and birthday parties.

The dance school is often offered gigs, where students have the chance to perform in a wide range of performances, with recent examples being the aerial silks/circus/dance at Tapnell Farm summer shindigs, aerial silks for the Starlit Trail for Wessex Cancer Trust, and a dance flashmob for Haven Falconry at Halloween.

To find out more, visit the Jaydene Lee Arts Facebook page at www.facebook.com/jaydeneleearts