Hundreds of Islanders braved the weather this morning (Sunday) to watch the demolition of Fawley power station's chimney.

The 650ft landmark was blown up earlier, to make way for houses.

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Despite stong wind and torrential rain, so many people turned out to see it from East Cowes seafront that cars were girdlocked.

The operation went ahead as planned, from 6.50am, with the blast visible from the Island at 7am.

Shortly afterwards, a faint boom drifted across the Solent.

The County Press ran a live Facebook feed, which you can see here.

Look for a flash at atbout 3 minutes 14 seconds into the feed:


Meanwhile, a slightly better view was broadcast by the site's owners, Fawley Waterside.

Some Islanders also gathered on the Downs, while others got a closer view, from boats in the Solent.

Still more gathered on Cowes seafront, which was described as "packed".

When an adjacent building was blown up previously, a "thunderous rumble" was heard across parts of the Isle of Wight.

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​This video by @PhotographyRue...

By Rockhopper @Rockhop88701629, on board Wightscene in the Solent...


Seen from East Cowes by Andrew Day...