A Isle of Wight veteran's war medals, from conflicts in the Falklands and the Gulf, have sold for £1,400 in an online auction, along with a signed copy of his book.

The campaign group of five medals were awarded to Warrant Officer Catering Accountant David ‘Rowdy’ Yates, who served with the Royal Navy onboard HMS Antrim during the Falklands War and who was also sent to the Gulf, on HMS Exeter.

His memoirs were published in his book Bomb Alley, Falkland Islands 1982 Aboard H.M.S. Antrim at War, a signed copy of which was also sold as part of Wednesday's lot. 

This week he told the County Press he felt "abandoned, forgotten and ignored," saying he had decided to sell his medals in a desperate bid to raise awareness of how he had hit hard times during Covid-19.

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The 64-year-old told us he had failed to receive support from government or military charities, despite being a struggling self-employed, clinically extremely vulnerable heart disease and prostate cancer patient.

Expected to achieve between £1,400 and £1,800, lot 278 made the lower end of the estimate.

Along with cash raised through a Just Giving campaign, David will make a donation to MacMillan Cancer Support, Prostate Cancer UK, the British Heart Foundation and his wife Simone – who has cared for him throughout his hardship.

Simone will donate her share to the WOW women's centre in Newport.

Mr Yates says he was ineligible for Self-Employment Income Support (SEIS) because of his Armed Forces pension and his appeal was rejected.

The medals that went up for sale through Dix Noonan Web were the South Atlantic 1982, with rosette (APOCA D W Yates D159012R HMS Antrim); Gulf 1990-91, 1 clasp, 16 Jan to 28 Feb 1991 (CPOCA D W Yates D159012R RN); Royal Navy L.S. & G.C., E.II.R., 2nd issue (CPOCA D W Yates D159012R RN); Saudi Arabia, Liberation of Kuwait 1991; Kuwait, Liberation of Kuwait 1991, 4th Grade.

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