A WOMAN from Lake was so incensed by a man who she felt reneged on a cash debt to her, she smashed windows in his accommodation in the hope he would get kicked out, a court heard.

Emma Stafford, of Medeway, admitted causing £400 worth of criminal damage to windows and a door panel, belonging to Southern Housing Group, at Butler Gardens, Shanklin, on September 27.

Police were called by numerous witness who saw Stafford smashing windows at the hostel.

"She was throwing items and causing a lot of damage. She was shouting and had been drinking alcohol," said Liz Miller, prosecuting, at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court on Tuesday (12).

Police later found the 40 year old in Shanklin High Street, sitting on a church wall, with a bleeding cut to her arm, with blood on her trousers and clothing, and was arrested.

For Stafford, Brian McMonnie, said Stafford, who is disabled, admitted the offence immediately and gave the police no problems.

"She was in a short relationship with a man. Things deteriorated, amid financial issues between them. She felt aggrieved he owed her money, which he refused to pay," said Mr McMonnie.

"Unfortunately, she took it out on his address. It's not an excuse, but an expression of what happened between them.

"Her thinking at the time was 'I'll show him. He'll get kicked out of the address as a result of my actions,' but I doubt if that happened."

Magistrates fined her £40 and ordered her to pay Southern Housing Group £140 compensation.

The CPS withdrew a second criminal damage charge against Stafford, for smashing a window, in Sandown, on September 25.